Steinbeis Transfer Centre Applied Geodesy


Self-registering measuring and sensor systems allow for a high-performance automation level. Depending on the measurement task, these systems are scalable, and can be configured as well as adapted with respect to the requirements. The operation of such a measuring or sensor system is application-oriented and robust. Specialized knowledge about the measurement process is not necessary in most cases.

A high level of automation hides the fact that the measurement process is still a complex procedure. The pre-processing, analysing and the appropriate evaluation of the registered data play an important role in the framework of engineering geodesy and industrial metrology.

Our Expertise

Due to the high-performance automation level, concepts that allow for in-situ analysis are essential, to perform consistent and (near) real-time data processing. The Steinbeis Transfer Centre Applied Geodesy is specialized in developing innovative analysis algorithms and applications for processing of terrestrial data and sensor networks.

We focus on special applications that are not processable in conventional software applications. In particular, we are attaching great importance to the integrity of our software components and modules in your existing workflow. In contrast to a full change of your existing data analysis concept, training periods as well as time-consuming instructions can be reduced.

Our Service

By integrating our analysis algorithms, you extend your portfolio, and your project partners and customers will have great benefit by your enlarged field of applications.

Our offers of service are: